The Assistant Team Coordinator is the second highest position of management at the unit level and reports directly to the Team Coordinator. We refer to the role as Assistant Team Coordinator as opposed to “Sous Chef” or “Assistant General Manager” for several reasons:

First, there is nothing “general” about your job. At Farmly, there is no front of house or back of house. Very specifically, you will be overseeing a full on back-of-house operation with a limited front-of-house service model. You, along with the team coordinator, will set the pace and tone for what must be a seamless and smooth operation.

Second, you will manage activities and tasks, but you will also have to lead a team of people. You will be assisting in coordinating, scheduling and supervising activities of the entire team.

Lastly, you are part of the team, not above it. Your job is to serve as a support system to the Team Coordinator, set an example, train and develop team members and help in any way you can.

To apply for this role, email us at careers@eatfarmly.com