Co-Founder and Chef James Avery is a busy guy. Juggling multiple restaurants and taking care of his kids, it’s a fast-paced life style. He noticed on his days off that there were very few options to go to or order out from (at least options that weren’t Pizza, Mexican or Chinese food). He wanted a place that would serve the kind of food he cooked for his family on his day off. Simple, wholesome and soulful. This was the inspirational spark behind the neighborhood Kitchen. Home cooked food for people that can’t always cook at home. Food that is sourced well, purposefully utilized, and thoughtfully prepared.


We aim to enhance the quality of life of our suppliers, customers, and team members by making wholesome, nutrient dense foods available to as many communities as possible. Here’s how:


the very best ingredients from honest, ethical, sustainable food growers.


customers to a warm, easygoing atmosphere where the experience is always gratifying and the food is always nourishing.


our team by hiring genuinely good people and treating them like family.


to the people and the process involved.

Farmly Healthy Food Near Me


our reach here in our community and beyond.